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BPC chats with Evanna Lynch

Video preview for new Photoshoot

Check out this stunning preview of Evanna’s upcoming photoshoot with Giuliano Bekor.

Evanna Lynch – Giuliano Bekor Photography from Peter Castagnetti on Vimeo.

New Sinbad Promotional Stills

Via the Sky Sinbad website, 19 new promotional pictures have been uploaded to the site. Evanna Lynch plays Alehna.

First clip from Sinbad

Thanks to Snitch Seeker, for providing a link to the first clip of Evanna’s appearance as Alehna in Sinbad. SPOILER WARNING!!

el by masterofmystery

APEX Trailer!

Check out the trailer for APEX!

Apex – Teaser Trailer (LeakyCon Edition) from Cory Braun on Vimeo.

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